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FILLETS/RIBS 1.) Intersecting surfaces forming junctions are best joined with fillets to avoid high stress concentrations in both the part and the die. 2) Fillets projected in a direction normal to the parting line require draft - the deeper the pockets, the larger the draft. 3) Sharp inside surface junctions, acute angle corner conditions and delicate, deep and closely spaced ribs will be reviewed closely. 4) Ribs are often used to increase stiffness or add strength to a part.

EJECTOR PINS 1) Moveable ejector pins must be used to eject a part uniformly from the die and will result in either a raised or depressed mark (0.15"/3.8mm). 2) Location should be discussed to optimize forming and cosmetics.

FLASH - Nominally +0.010"/0.254mm. Secondary operations to remove flash may include degating, trimming, precision removal, tumbling, or vibratory deburring.

LETTERING/ORNAMENTATION - Options include raised, depressed, or raised in depressed panel, although raised lettering will result in lower die construction and maintenance costs.