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Vforge is a closely held company incorporated in Colorado. The Vforge corporate officers are:

  • Ken Young, President - Ken is a principal founder of SSM technology and did much of the original research at MIT in the 1970s .  He has over 30 years experience in SSM processing and holds more than 20 patents in diverse casting/solidification technology.  
    kyoung@vforge.com (303)-781-0234 x203
  • Jon Young, VP General Manager - Jon has directed Vforge operations, finance and quality assurance since 1999.  His career started in consulting after graduating from Johns Hopkins University. 
    jyoung@vforge.com (303)-781-0234 x204
  • Chris Rice, VP Engineering & Technology - After graduating from MIT with a MS in Materials Science, Chris enabled a large automotive die casting company to succeed in the SSM marketplace.  He has since moved back to Colorado where he directs Vforge engineering and R&D. crice@vforge.com (303)-781-0234 x201