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Vforge recently took possession of a 20,000 sq. ft. modern manufacturing facility in Lakewood, Colorado approximately 10 minutes west of downtown Denver. Convenient access to major highways provides a less than 45-minute drive from Denver International Airport.

As part of the facilities move, Vforge also acquired a third press to increase current production capacity. With this expansion, Vforge is equipped with 1x 400 ton press and 2x 800 ton SSM forming presses. In addition, Vforge has full T5 and T6 heat treatment facility on-site as well as production CNC machining and assembly capability to extend our service and supply.

In addition, Vforge functions as a first tier supplier by managing a wide range of laboratory, test and engineering services as well as chromium plating, decorative painting and other finishing operations both locally and nationwide.

Vforge Facilities & Equipment List (See attachment)