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Headquartered in Lakewood, Colorado, a suburb of Denver, Vforge Inc. is a technology-based manufacturing company providing high precision, high performance light alloy components to the recreational goods, industrial, medical, defense and specialty automotive markets.

Embodied in its principals, Vforge SSM technology is a revolution and not simply an evolution in shape metal forming. As a hybrid process between high-pressure die casting (liquid feedstock) and conventional closed-die forging (solid feedstock), semi-solid aluminum alloy with a viscosity comparable to soft-serve ice cream is injected under high pressure into hardened steel dies. Similar to the low velocity injection of plastic molding only with aluminum, Vforge SSM produces components with near-net shape definition, precision tolerance control and structural integrity right from the forming press.

The underlying quality and internal soundness of vforged  components enables clients to pursue various secondary operations to enhance mechanical performance, cosmetic finish and/or pressurized assembly, and further establishes Vforge SSM as a premium metal forming technology.